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Tried and Tested Website Design Tips To Convert Visitor Into Customers

Website Design

The ultimate goal of web design is to generate user conversions. It is very rare that a company can afford to build a website only for the purpose of interest. The marketing and SEO team can do a fantastic job in promoting top-quality services and products, but if there is no detailed website design, no effort will improve the conversion rate.

Whether or not you can convert visitors depends immensely on both internal and external factors. A small mistake or just an unoptimized strategy can do terrible justice to your conversion rate. To ensure growth, a professional web design agency takes into account all the design as well as promoting factors. 

There are some general reasons why your website is stuck in terms of conversions.

Poor UI/UX design

UI/UX is a matter of great for the users to develop trust and engagement in the users about your brand. The design needs to be appealing and attractive, which can be done when the website has a clean and uncluttered look. Furthermore, the website does not have to be too much minimalistic; it might show that the site is boring and no efforts have been made. You’ll have to implement the proper blend that can increase the bounce rate to the next level!

Unoptimized website:

Considering the hectic and fast pacing lifestyle nowadays, shopping has also become a task for a lot of people. Shoppers need a quick and streamlined shopping experience without any hindrance. A slow site that takes a lot of time while loading will not be preferred by the customer and will be considered unreliable. 

Bad customer service

Customer service should be responsive; you must not neglect your customers in any case. Neglecting your customers is a big no. Shoppers are presented with unlimited options nowadays, so judgment is quick to be passed. A cautious buyer will have a lot of questions, so if you are unable or even slow to answer, they will be immediately repulsed and will stray away from your services. 

Marketing to the wrong demographics 

Market research is one of the most important things to be considered, as it helps you in determining the target audience specifically. This is very much important because what would you do if none of the customers had a need for your specific products at first? Marketing to the wrong audience would mean that your store is filled with a random audience that would just wander. That is why effective market research is an essential requirement. 

Tips for successful user conversion

Understand your visitors

Different people have different expectations and perceptions of the website. Everyone interprets and interacts differently. Therefore, the design and content of the website should understand as delivered according to the target audiences’ behavior and expectation. 

For that, you will have to know what a user might expect from your website design. This can be analyzed through A/B testing and content monitoring from the ones at the top of the industry.

Mobile Device optimization

Today the most important websites and templates are responsive. Today most of the current website templates and websites are responsive by default. They automatically adjust to any device screen they are being viewed at. In case you are not sure about the responsiveness of your site, you can check it with the help of Google’s mobile-friendly test.

Strictly high-quality images

You need to ensure that all the images on the website are of the highest quality. Always consider the image type that has been used. We mean, do not use anything gaudy. Choose source images that are eye-candy to users. The studies show that websites/blogs with compelling, high-quality imagery get 94% more views. So, pick out pictures for your website consciously.

Keep an eye on the competition.

Conduct research and try to understand the strategies used by your competitors to convert visitors to customers for their websites. If your website can tackle the competition, then the website holds a good amount of potential customers, and that would definitely make a good difference in choosing your business partner. 

Test different strategies

Conversions on a website are an ongoing and dynamic process, and it has to be noted that not every mobile-related method will work on the website as well. To achieve success here, it is important to constantly evaluate different conversion strategies to pin down what works and what doesn’t. For instance, if you observe that very few visitors click on the call to action, then you can try adjusting the text or the design. Small changes can make a big difference. 

Put contact information front and center.

The placement of contact information should be prominent on the website, such as the footer, from where you can easily access it from every page. The more convenient it is to contact your customers, the more likely it is that they will engage their business with you. 

Make it easy to buy

Just like everything else, the more easily your customer can make a purchase, the more likely the visitor will have a chance to turn into a customer. Additionally, you can provide multiple entry options to purchase information around the website. If your includes selling of service or product online, then try to limit the process to as few steps as possible. The placement of contact information should be prominent on the website, such as the footer, from where you can easily access it from every page, the more convenient it is to contact your customers, the more likely it is that they will engage their business with you. 

Get Social

Social media integration with your website makes it easy for your users to share the content and help in generating interest in your business. What’s more, to it is that it shows the personal side that helps in developing a connection with the audience. If a user can feel connected to the company, it would be easier to convert them into your customer. 

Show value

Potential customers know the value held by your product or service that is provided to them, and they will possibly make a purchase. Putting up content like testimonials or case studies on the website, you can easily present the various benefits in a professional way rather than just telling them about it. 

Attention to content

Undoubtedly content is among the most important aspects when you want to convert visitors into customers. The thing to be considered is that the website must be accurate, appropriate, and informative. Headlines must be catchy and brief, which can quickly appeal to the audience and engage visitors. Most importantly, the content must be clear and concise that tell the audience about what has been offered. 

Design to impress

A successful and thriving website must be strategically designed to strongly convey your message and highlight the brand. A clean and professional design will go a long way in terms of attracting visitors and keeping them on the website. 


The process of converting visitors to customers takes a great deal of effort. One needs to analyze every possibility if one wants to get success with this project. From conversion to A/B testing to web design, risk is an unavoidable part of business growth. There are many more ways to convert. This article has covered most of the effective design tips to improve your website’s conversion rate. Webmasters use these techniques to get unbelievable results in every aspect. 

Author Bio:

Ciaran Stone is the CEO of Square Root Solutions, – A well-known mobile app development company that helps businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups transmute their app development ideas into actual mobile applications. In his spare time, Ciaran likes to write an article on different aspects of app development.