Bhrigu Lake Trek

Bhrigu Lake Trek


Himachal’s Most Beautiful Grassland Trek

The Bhrigu Lake trek is popular among hikers because of the lake’s rich mythology. This trek can be reached from Gulaba and is located in Himachal Pradesh about 20 kilometres north of Manali.

It is well-known for being the spot where the revered saint Maharishi Bhrigu meditated. We do think that the trek offers more than just the lake, though. In our country, it typically takes at least a day or two of hiking inside the treeline to reach an alpine meadow. Two or three days of arduous ascent are involved. Because most alpine meadows begin at about 11,000 feet,

However, within the first 10 minutes of this trek, you are in the meadows! Imagine having such meadows in your own backyard. It makes sense why we are so enamoured with the landscapes found in places like Switzerland.

On the Bhrigu Lake trek, the meadows spread out widely and appear to go on forever. Round you, horses gallop. When you emerge from the treeline, the sheep that are grazing look up almost as if to say “hello.” You can see the Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar mountains, which dominate the skyline, from these grassy knolls.

Your garden in the sky is here. The meadows are at their most lush and green from July to September. Wildflowers can be seen all over.

The meadows’ appearance, shape, and as well as tint accompany you the entire way through the trek—all the way to Bhrigu Lake. This is what distinguishes the trek. It’s a rare opportunity to have access to such alpine meadows the entire way through a trek.

Day 1: Quick Itinerary

Get there at Manali. Drive to Gulaba Wet willy from Manali and hike to Jonker Thatch Drive distance is 24 km, the trip takes an hour, and the cost of transportation is Rs 2,800 per vehicle that trekkers can share. 1.5 km, 1.5 hours, and 1.5 km of trekking Gain in altitude: 6,725 feet to 10,370 feet At 12.30 PM depart for Gulaba from Rambagh Circle in Manali. Drop your cloakroom bag off en route, then pick up your rentals. By 3:00 PM, you arrive at your first campsite. (Note: On this day, finish your lunch before travelling to Gulaba.)

DAY 2:Rola Kholi to Jonker Thatch trek

Trekking distance of 5 km, duration of 3–4 hours, and a moderate altitude gain of 10,370–12,566 feet. Throughout, there was a steady ascent, then for the final 30 minutes, there was a wavy walk.

DAY 3: Trek to Bhrigu Lake and return to Rola Kholi

Ten kilometres; seven to eight hours; a moderate altitude gain and loss of 12,566 feet to 14,009 feet and back. begins on a rocky trail. 2 hours of initial ascent are followed by a 10-minute descent. 15 minutes of level walking are followed by an hour-long steep ascent to the lake.

DAY 4: Trek from Gulaba to Rola Kholi. Return to Manali by car

5 km, 3–4 hours, and 12,566 feet of altitude loss were lost during the trek.

1. Bhrigu Lake’s undulating, textured grasslands

As far as the eye could see, and possibly beyond, the grasslands extended in lovely undulating green dunes. It was unique.

I had never noticed that as the altitude increased, the meadows’ texture and colour changed. As we climbed, the short, bright, but coarse carpet changed to a rich, succulent green.

We took a brief break for a snack at one point. I took off my shoes and enjoyed the velvety feel of the spotless lushness. The deeply aromatic scent and the moist softness are still with me.

We take into account a number of variables. These include the amount of elevation gained each day, the distance covered each day, the highest elevation, the type of terrain, the weather, etc. Based on this, we determine whether a trek is easy, difficult, or in between.

According to the aforementioned standards, the trek to Bhrigu Lake is of moderate difficulty, ranging from easy to difficult.

In just 4 days, you can travel from Manali, which is located at an altitude of 6,725 feet, to 14,009 feet.

To get to the lake, the trail steadily climbs. The final ascent to Bhrigu Lake puts your stamina to the test.

This elevates the trek to level 2, which is moderate. For physically fit beginners, it is a good trek.

Why being fit is important for the Bhrigu Lake Trek

You walk 6 to 8 kilometres per day on a trek like the Bhrigu Lake treks. The climbs and descents might be difficult. Between 13,000 and 14,000 feet above sea level will be the highest point. You’ll frequently encounter challenging terrain (like snow or screen), so you’ll need to travel with some caution. Small stream and river crossings may also exist.

In order to be well-prepared, you should be able to run 5 km at a comfortable pace in 35 minutes.