Top 3 Ways to Wear a Leather Jacket in the Winter to Stay Warm

Leather Jacket

Layering, layering, and layering – that’s all winters about. Everybody loves to stay warm in winters, with lots of layering, starting from a vest, to an inner, then a t-shirt, sweater, hoodie, and last but not the least, a chic leather jacket. 

Leather jackets are the ultimate package of attitude, warmth, and heritage, for both men and women. Do you own a leather jacket but aren’t sure how to style it this winter? Well, you can wear it up with almost anything, because the versatile style of a leather jacket can never go out style. 

Be it for men or women, leather jackets are the perfect winter apparel to get your hands on. Along with staying warm and cozy with a leather feel, you can slay your look with a whole load of attitude and class. 

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Here, in this article, we will be listing the top 3 ways to wear a leather jacket in winters that can keep you warm, and still make you super cute and stylish. Let’s begin.

  1. Match it up with knitted scarfs

Winters are always chilly and super cold, so how about adding something extra warm to your outfit, that can not only keep you cozy but level up your overall look for the day? The best way to look super chic is to match up your leather jacket with knitted scarfs. 

Knitted scarfs can not only keep you warm, by blocking the chilly breezes and winds, but they can also embrace you with a decent and elegant look for the day. All you have to do is either wrap up a knitted scarf around your neck or just throw it on. It may be of any color, texture, or pattern – it’ll look amazing!

A knitted scarf is the best companion to go along with a leather jacket. To keep things simple, you can wear up a black sweater and get yourself a black leather jacket. Match it up with black jeans, high knee boots, and lastly, throw in a simple black knitted scarf – that’s all. Look how gorgeous you look!

  1. Layer it up with warm hoodies

What can be cozier than a hoodie in winters? But hoodies are a bit casual, right? Well, you can always layer up your leather jacket with a warm and comfortable hoodie, and carry the stylish look with premium comfort and warmth during winters. 

If you have a fitted leather jacket, then it’s better to wear up a thin and light hoodie underneath, so that you can be comfortable. But, if you have an oversized leather jacket, then go along with a super warm, cozy, and oversized hoodie, so that you can stay cozy and comfortable all day long. 

You can always mix and match colors when pairing up a hoodie with a leather jacket. For instance, if you are looking for a casual look to carry around, a black leather jacket will look great with a grey, white, or pink hoodie. Whereas, if you want something formal, then go along with the same colored hoodie underneath. 

  1. Pair it up with a turtleneck

For an absolutely chic and sexy look, you can always layer up your leather jacket with a turtleneck. Turtlenecks and leather jackets have been the combo ever. All you have to do is put on a fluffy knitted turtleneck, choose a delicate and decent chain necklace with simple studs, and get your hands on your super chic leather jacket.

This is definitely the look that’ll make you look stunning amongst the crowd, be it a nightclub party with the gals or a decent office meeting. 


Leather jackets are the most versatile item of clothing in both men’s and womenswear and can be easily paired up with almost all kinds of outfits. The best three ways to wear leather jackets in the winter is to match them up with knitted scarfs, turtlenecks, or a hoodie. You’ll not only look super chic for the night, but you’ll stay warm and cozy as well. Look good, and cherish your look with super comfort!