5 Celebrities who know how to ROCK Fashion

ROCK Fashion

Dressing up nicely and being fashionable are significantly different. Putting on a nice shirt with a pair of jeans and some cute footwear will ensure that you’re dressed nicely but rocking fashion takes a bit more than that. Rocking your attire isn’t only wearing good attire, it is determined by many other factors. 

Rocking fashion means wearing the most stylish attires, good accessories, elegant footwear, and most importantly portraying an attitude that would suit your attire. True style is ageless! You don’t need to be too young to follow fashion and rock – it’s what you wish to do. And if you wish to rock fashion – well, there’s nothing that can stop you! Visit Only Murders In The Building Outfits now and make sure to grab on to all the trending and fashionable attires you can!

Dress up like you’re going to walk the red carpet! Here are a few of the celebrities who have rocked fashion in the best possible way. They are trend makers and we’re sure, everyone looks up to them for fashion advice. Follow them and you’ll soon be able to turn heads as they do.

  1. Bella Hadid

Bella has always been a fashion icon for many of us. Her bold and gorgeous attires have always been something that has been in the spotlight and has received a ton of love and appreciation from the audience. 

Bella knows how to ace her fashion, no matter it’s a fancy red carpet event or just walking around the streets with a cropped shirt, a jacket, and jeans. Bella teaches us how we can combine elegance, beauty, and comfort, all at once. 

No matter if Bella is wearing jeans and a shirt or a coat with a dress, or simply a jumpsuit – she manages to look effortlessly flawless. So, why don’t we follow Bella Hadid for her amazing fashion sense and make sure to pump up our game as well?

  1. Timothée Chalamet

We all know and appreciate the rising talent of Hollywood – so let us appreciate Timothee for it as well. Undoubtedly, he is a phenomenal actor but along with that Timothee has shown us how he can rock fashion, regardless of the occasion he’s attending.

This 24-year-old actor has shown us a ton of unique and admirable attires on the red carpet and that too, without any assistance. Timothee has been a real fashionista for the rest of us and I think, we all have a lot to learn from him.

If you ask me, his shackled outfit from the 2019 Global Awards and his all-magenta suit in his appearance in the movie Little Women are my two personal favorites. He has truly shown the perfect balance between elegant and beautiful.

  1. Alain Delon

You might have not heard of the actor but let me tell you – you won’t be able to keep yourself from loving him once you get to know him. This experienced French star has undoubtedly caught the hearts of many. He is rated one of the most fashionable stars of all time.

Alain is said to have embodied that laid-back, bad-boy image back in the 1960s. His classic attire included a linin shirt, cuffed jeans, and tees that made every woman, regardless of age, fall in love with her. If you’re looking to adapt that hot and irresistible look, you can grab his attire from USAJacket right about now.

His eloquent attires and gorgeous appearance will make sure to turn a thousand heads wherever he goes. Alain has always been and is still being called out for his undeniably hot fashion sense.

  1. The Weeknd

Undoubtedly, The Weeknd has never disappointed us when it comes to fashion. No matter it’s his music videos, his casual appearances on the streets, or the freaking red carpet – The Weeknd has always been gorgeously dressed and has always been the head-turner in any event.

His particular red cameo coat has been one of his most trending attires on the internet and really, can we blame him? He has rocked his outfit. 

One of the most admirable factors of The Weeknd’s attire is his matching game. His pairing has always been on-point and amazing. As the cherry on top, The Weeknd’s personality perfectly coincides with the ravishing attires he wears on and even on-screen.

  1. Billie Eilish

Billy Eilish has always been the talk of the fashion industry. Her unique and beautiful choice of attires has always helped her stand out of the crowd and create her own amazing signature style in the industry. 

Her signature style has always been large tracksuits with bold prints perfectly matching footwear and a ton of unique accessories. Her outfit gets the perfect touch with the gorgeously vibrant colored hair of hers. She has always been spotted immediately in a crowd because of her unique style. 

Billie has always chosen her attire perfectly. However, recently we have seen a change in her style, and let’s admit it – she slew in that style as well. All her costumes have always brought out the color of her blue eyes and have given her a unique touch that makes every head around her turn twice.


If you’re still reading this blog, we can assure you that you are a fashion enthusiast! Let’s take our lesson from these inevitable fashion icons. It’s not just the clothes you wear or the footwear you choose – it’s about how to make sure that your personality coincides with your costume.

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