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How important is Link-Building for SEO in 2022?

Link-Building for SEO in 2022

Building a notable online presence has become a priority of every digital marketer. Suppose you
want to be seen among your other competitors and get organic traffic for your website. In that
case, search engine optimization is the only option that can help you achieve your long-term
digital marketing goals. When talking about SEO, keywords are the first thing that comes to our
minds. However, the backlink, aka link building, plays a crucial role in bringing your digital
platform success. To understand this better, here are some amazing facts from BoomCycle that
will further emphasize the importance of link building:
How does link building work for SEO?

External links, also known as backlinks, are what helps in driving organic traffic to your website.
They are basically HTML connections that link websites. They are embedded within the content
through a keyword. It is simple; you find a website relevant to your website and send them your
content with the keyword backlink to your website. The more you get backlinks from reputable
sources, the more trust you are going to build among your customers and audiences.
How to make link building technique more effective in 2022?
Every SEO technique has its way of working and bringing the desired results to the digital
platforms. No matter which SEO practice you are opting for, if you are not doing it the right way, it
won’t lead you to success. Likewise, for successful link building, you must focus on the content.
Another website, even if it is relevant, only publishes content that is well-written and strictly
relevant to the given topic.
According to Google’s updated algorithms, the link will only benefit your platform if it is published
on a website that has good domain authority. The more reputable a website is, the more valuable
your publication will hold. Secondly, the website must be of the same niche as your platform,
ensuring the content’s relevancy.
Thirdly, the position of a link matters the most once you are assured of the content’s relevancy
and high quality. The reader is most likely to click on the link that is embedded within the text
rather than those that appear on sidebars or footnotes. It is more effective to have your website’s
backlink in the heart of the article than it appears in an author bio randomly.
What your link-building strategy should include in 2022?
If we look at this year’s static and effective link building, we can get a cue of what we can expect
to be successful in the year 2022. Here is what your link building strategy must-have for the
coming year:
Focus on guest blogging. Find a website relevant to your niche and send them good quality
content with your website’s backlink embedded in it. Don’t forget to take the follow-ups.
Podcasts have turned out to be really popular in the previous years. Find the podcasts that are
relevant to your niche and make guest appearances. It will help you to get backlinks for your

Make sure to recheck the already present links of your website. Fix all the links that are broken.
Also, the unlinked brand mentions should be part of your SEO audit. This will help you get extra
backlinks for your website.
To wrap it up!
Link building is going to be the next big thing in the world of SEO. Digital markets are evolving
rapidly, and so are their requirements. If you are using link building for your website, you are
surely going to reach your digital market goal.