Know About 7 Most Fundamental Elements of SEO – 2021 Edition

SEO - 2021 Edition

More traffic on your website means more leads and conversions and it’s now possible with the power of SEO!

Fundamental Elements of SEO

To know about the most fundamental elements of SEO is significantly important in 2021. Without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

1.   Always Know Your Audience

Your audience must be your first priority. I can’t stress enough the importance to know your audience to whom you’re interacting, creating the content, targeting them in order to sell your products/ services.

Nail down your industry to the max and dig deep what are the pain points of your target audience.

In addition, find out who are your competitors, what is their SEO strategy or how they are growing their business.

2.   Do Proper Keyword Research

Do your keyword research by bearing in mind the user intent. Never underestimate the power of user intent.

Figure out two things; what and how your user searches for the relevant data. The more you go deep in keyword research, while considering the user intent, the higher chances are to rank.

Through proper keyword research, you can target the possible user intent i.e what they are searching for and what are their pain points.

3.   Craft High-Quality Content

The most important thing while creating content is to make it unique and avoid fluff. ‘Cause, it does not only leaves a bad impression on readers but is also not good for SEO ranking. Search engines consider such content spammy so it’s better to be on the safe side.

To better connect with your reader, write in a conversational tone and make your content engaging and informative as much as you can.

If you want to create high-quality content, put yourself in the shoes of your audience and add value to their lives. Such content will also help you in link building.

4.   Focus on Link-Building

Links are one of the most crucial factors in SEO ranking. You can use various types of links in your content like inbound links, outbound links, internal links, etc to increase your reach.

But all links aren’t good for your website as some might affect your ranking. So make sure that the links you’re adding in your context should be from authoritative sites.

5.   Make your Site Mobile-Friendly

According to research, “More than 50%  people use the internet from their smartphones.”

Not only Google but also other search engines favor mobile-friendly sites. Make your site error-free by using mobile-friendly tools so your site couldn’t lose ranking.

6.   Technical SEO: Let Robots Crawl To Your Site

HTTP Status Codes, Javascript, Site Speed, Indexation, Site architecture, and so on are all included in technical SEO.

Let’s say you visit any site and it takes 50 or 60 seconds to load. Would to like to visit that website ever again?

No. Right?

Nobody wants to waste their time. Everyone desire to get instant and good results. Moreover, Google also doesn’t prefer to crawl such sites.

So we ensure to resolve all of the technical issues of your site and make your site fully functional and crawlable.

If you want to get command over technical SEO, join the IT institute in Lahore to master this skill.

7.   Track Analytics

Tracking your website performance and traffic is needed to do if you want to run a successful SEO campaign.

Use authentic analytical tools to get accurate reporting. Follow powerful SEO and keywords strategies and see what’s better works for your website ranking.

Final Words

SEO is such a vast topic and it has several elements. Up there, we’ve briefly complied with only the 7 most fundamental elements. To learn SEO in detail, you can enroll yourself in an SEO course in Lahore.