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Instagram Stories Product Tagging Feature

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Instagram Stories product tagging feature is now available. So what is product tagging on Instagram stories? How to tag products in Instagram stories?

Instagram, one of the first social networks that come to mind when it comes to innovation and difference, has 1 billion users according to the latest data is announced. It is unthinkable for such a medium to count in its place. Continuing its updates according to this understanding, Instagram has now launched a feature that will delight those who do e-commerce through Instagram.

Product Tagging for Instagram Stories

We’ve already mentioned Instagram updates for social point companies among the best sites to buy Instagram Followers Canada. In this update, Instagram announced that it has made “Instagram Stories” available for social point companies regarding product tagging.

Now, without further ado, what is product tagging for Instagram stories?

Shopping On Instagram

Instagram, which has been working on shopping on Instagram for a long time and focusing on improving this feature with various updates, has now launched the “Product Tagging Feature for This statement shows that the update made has a pinpoint effect, so to speak.

Innovative Instagram Stories: See! Tap! Shop!

After popular demand for product tagging in a post, Instagram focused on improving this feature. Subsequently, the same feature was brought to the stories. With this new feature “See! Tap! Shop!” It was announced with the motto (“See! Touch! Shop!”).

“Give your customers a new way to shop. Shopping on Instagram can turn your business into a visual showcase where our community of 1 billion people can review your best products with a single tap.”

As it can be understood from here, Instagram wants the product tagging feature in stories to be adopted by all stakeholders.

In Which Countries Are The Feature Active?

The most important condition for using the product tagging feature in stories opened in these countries is “having a verified business account”. We can say that Instagram aims to eliminate the risk of fraud with the “Verified Account” requirement.

How to Use Product Tagging Feature to Stories?

Using this feature is not as difficult as it seems. In a few steps, you can integrate product tagging into stories for your business.

Here’s how to use product tagging in Instagram stories:

First, you need to make sure your account is a verified business account.

If you have a verified business account, select a photo or video to add to your story.

Select the product sticker from the sticker section.

From your catalog, select the product you want to feature.

Move the product sticker wherever you want it to appear in your story.

If you want to change the color of the product sticker, simply tap on the sticker.

Finally, share your story.

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Effective Use of Shopping On Instagram Feature

After activating the “Shop” tab, you must create at least 9 shopping posts to serve to your target audience.

You can tag more than one product to attract more attention of your target audience and offer more products to your target audience.

You should use Instagram Stories to show your target audience that you are ready to serve and provide more interaction.

You should take advantage of different shopping formats.

You should make sure that each tag touches the right product so that your target audience can correctly understand which product you are talking about.

Before finishing the article about product tagging feature in Instagram stories, I would like to share with you the evaluation of Shari Lott, the CEO and Founder of Spearmint Love brand, as a result of her experience with this new feature of Instagram:

Our target audience can go directly to the product page and add the product to their cart with one click. Reducing search time and clicks increases conversions and revenue. As can be understood from this evaluation, discovering and understanding innovations and using all these effectively provide great advantages for businesses.