Are you aware of the techniques that you need to become popular and easily visible to the customers who can help you out with the progress in your business?

For people who already know about the facts or techniques, this article may be a revision for them or they might also come across a few things that can help them grow their business or make them popular

But people who are not aware of the facts or techniques, then this article might be a help to them and they might get the ideas that will help them grow their business and become popular

In this 21st century where there is high competition in every field, virtual performance plays a vital role. A website’s rank popularity is not only decided by the quality of its content but SEO friendliness also plays an important role. The presentation of your content with suitable keywords is what SEO does. SO, talking about the term SEO, what does it actually mean? Well, Let me help you with this. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. These are the techniques that increase traffic to your website by optimizing the content resulting in having a high ranking in various popular search engines. Today, there are various advanced SEO  techniques that can easily boost up your websites keeping you ahead of your competitors.

Today I will be sharing 15 advanced SEO techniques for 2021, which you can apply to optimize your content and be in the spotlight.

  • Improving the loading speed of your website: The loading speed of your website plays a vital role. According to research, it is proven that 40% of people just move out if it takes more than 3 secs to load a website. Want to hear something more interesting? 80% don’t even return to these websites. But on the other hand, if your website loads fast people will be back again. Due to Google’s algorithm, it becomes very crucial to have an optimized loading speed and server response time.
  •  Optimizing images in your Website: Pictures are always the best option for uplifting engagement in your website and giving a boost to it. But the only thing is that you need to keep in mind that the pictures are optimized properly, i.e. file, format and size should be optimized. Huge images slow down your website so they should be compressed to resize them.
  • Using Outbound links: There are certain things you should follow to maintain a safe and trustworthy impression among the viewers. All the data displayed should be from an authoritative source. One must use outbound hyperlinks to their website. Internal links should also be included. These links will redirect the visitors to some other website and ultimately increase the engagement of your website.
  • Fix the broken links (if any): In general, if you are using hyperlinks from authorized sources there is no chance of broken links. But in some exceptional cases, it may happen and it may harm your ranking, as it brings a negative impact on the viewers when they click on any particular link and it redirects them to an invalid website. So you must keep an eye on these dead or broken links and must replace them by contacting the webmaster of that page. This will help to maintain a healthy engagement and proper SEO ranking.
  • Websites must be optimized to mobile versions: We all know smartphones are something which you’re gonna find in everyone’s reach easily and no doubt it has taken a lead in comparison to desktops and laptops. Research shows 60% of the total Google searches are from smartphones. So, to be in everyone’s reach you must optimize your website to its mobile version too. And if not so, then it surely gonna hugely affect your ranking.
  • Appropriate Contact information must be provided: Struggled while finding contact information on a website? I know how it feels. But it shouldn’t be like this. Each and every contact information must be clearly visible and easily accessible to the viewer. Something worse you can think of is someone reporting your website for providing inappropriate contact information, ultimately decreasing SEO ranking
  • Social Media Encouragement: Being active in social media is what you must keep in mind. You can easily improve your SEO ranking by sharing your website link on social media platforms. The easiest thing you can do is adding social sharing icons to your content which makes it easier for the viewer to share your content and improve your SEO ranking


  • .Using Keywords: Keywords play a vital role here. If your content is filled up with important and maximum searched keywords then your website is one of them which is most likely to be chosen by Google. Try keeping the keywords inside your headers and pictures. Long-tail keywords are a must, like picking up three or four words including word phrases, which are more likely to be searched by viewers. This ultimately will help you to be in the spotlight.
  • Create Mobile App: Creating a mobile app for your respective website can definitely boost your SEO ranking. Nowadays if you are searching for something on Google, then it itself shows results related to the apps having the keywords from your search. So, your goal is to improve your SEO, yes it’s costly but worth it.
  • Joining Question and Answer Sites: In this fast-growing world if you look around you, you will find people are hungry for knowledge. This way you are achieving two targets at a time, firstly You are engaging viewers by letting them ask a question and secondly, you are bringing the attention of the viewers to your links with countless answers. You will be a great source of information among the viewers, and more like your links are to be clicked.
  • You need to get into Google news.
  • You need to start blogging that is good for your business.
  • You need to make sure your website is properly readable.
  • You need to write a great meta description.
  • You need to use Infographics.

I guess that we have been able to properly deliver all the advanced SEO practices that might help you out to bring your business to the spotlight. Do you want to get in touch with some of the top SEO services? If it is a positive answer, then we can help you out with this so that you can help your business to grow and get the maximum

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