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The Overall Placement on the Website in Pakistan

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Showing Trusted Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan their general purchasing patterns, therefore, products that they wanted to purchase were put near the top, although that was the most frequently purchased items got a better positioning. Aside from taking up a prominent position on the most-high selling merchandise, other goods such as new arrivals, new items, vintage, and new fashions also were found on the site. Using their latest goods to generate early business is crucial for getting new sellers on board, as these are seen on the home page with the new arrivals section. It seemed to Bazar was always interested in ‘how it looked’. a small office set up by the entire staff of fashion consultants for consumers to request the latest fashion and seasonal trends Consistency was maintained by making frequent and accommodating changes to the seasonal factors on the website, but also by avoidance of radical designs.

offline marketing

Bazar used less than 5% of its effort for offline marketing so as well as the use of online tracking, enabling it to keep track of the marketing impact. For example, the total number of individuals who saw the advertisement and the corresponding number of individuals who navigated to the website could be noted. Online marketing had the primary goal of gaining new customers through any available means. This was done by creating a search engine, that knew about people’s individual interests and found their profiles in social media, and then using this to display relevant ads on their profiles on the internet. A user will only be exposed to goods if they have performed a search. And when they have performed a search, but not when the basket has been completed. An offer can be made to the user even after the search is finished if they have already purchased. For a user who has purchased, an advertisement may appear for products as a separate results of their search.

administration interaction

Manufacturing administration interaction with typical sellers started from the fact that Bazar interviewed early on and did consumer and staff product research to determine which brands and items to include in the inventory listings. Once an acquisition team had been appointed, it was tasked with bringing in the new owners. we asked existing brands for their knowledge of the supply-chain models, their payment methods, and their commissions, as well as their commission policies for the new ventures. This provided insights on the market potential, as well as showing the type of sales data we could achieve. the major players joining the network is vital because if you have the second-tier players doing the same is Rizwan Raf, who underpins the supplier and partnership networks in Bazar commented, Getting the well-known brands on board was of course critical because the other companies will want to join them once they were already with the big-of-brand retailers, noted Rafique Rizwan, who is head of sourcing and partnership Many businesses sought Bazar services on their own.


Once the seller had signed the contract, the task of incubation team members had begun. The team was tasked with the training the Bazar users to perform their various operations and helping them stay synchronised with the other companies on the network for up to 8 weeks, in turn. In order to help the visitors get to know the details of trusted online shopping websites in Pakistan ,Bazar systems and policies, the sellers were instructed to discuss Bazar systems and policies with them. When it came to the time for preparation using the SCO, one of the main elements was included (as shown in figure 6—Figure 6 Expansion). a complex e-commerce ERP system in which each seller had access to a virtual shop system which gave the merchant a complete visibility of its inventory and other administrative features. a Seller abilities were expanded including the ability to list, display, and monitor sales, display summary information on the account, as well as manage orders, as well as raise and decrease the price. For certain large corporations, it was the whole product assortment that was submitted to the database for a single company. to help, they had the option of linking the sellers to their own photography team, the company had the ability to obtain higher-quality images from its own studio as well as external sources It was effective because of the demonstration and education time and training, they were awarded ceremonial certificates after that, which helped give the corporation a higher degree of legitimacy to the company.