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Attributes of a Good Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

Social media management has become one of the most sought-after skills, and also a top priority for most industries.  Are you looking for a good social media manager? A social media manager is a treasured professional, and organizations that are in any way connected to social media will like to have one such professional on their payrolls. A dynamic social media manager is a huge asset for a business house because he is one person that can single-handedly make a difference to the balance sheet.

We are living in a time when social media reigns, and products are judged through their social media profiles. People usually read ratings, reviews, and the users’ experience about a product before making the actual purchase. A good review by a past customer can be a huge bonus for a product. The role of a social media manager is paramount in such cases. He plays an important role in helping businesses to make a good reputation by skillfully managing the major social channels.

A good social media manager can easily uplift a below-par product, while an ordinary manager can easily damage the reputation of even a branded product. Finally, it all comes down to how well, a product is viewed on social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, connectd India, or Helo.  However, leveraging social media skillfully, and working within the industry as a social media manager are two different things. If you are looking to grab that coveted job on social media, this article may help you to get started.

Attributes of a good Social Media Manager

A social media manager is supposed to create and manage the social media marketing plan of a brand. The responsibility of a social media manager is simple as the title itself suggests. As a social media manager, you will be asked to look after the company’s social channels, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, and even upcoming social media channels such as Helo, Vero, and Connectd.

A social media manager needs to ensure that customers’ engagement with his brand should continuously grows by posting relevant content across each platform. He should ideally use various tools and techniques to increase return on investment (ROI). A social media manager is expected to define a social media strategy that will support the company’s larger business goals.

It’s important for the social media manager to understand various parts of the business. For example, in smaller businesses, you should know how to measure data, create content, and report on the findings, while in bigger companies, you are supported by a team of experts to help you out. Therefore, the more skills you acquire, the better manager you will become.

The role a social media manager plays

It all comes down to the skillset that you possess as a social media manager. If you are working for a brand, you are actually the company’s voice and branding on social media. Your job as a manager demands creating strategies based on the feedback from customers on the social channels. Your obsession with details is the key to your success. The job involves a lot of creative writing. Therefore, try to be original, and avoid grammatical and spelling errors.

An average working day of a social media manager demands responding to audiences’ queries, managing associations with brands and influencers, and creating and scheduling interesting and innovative content. The job of a social media manager is often very demanding, but there are ways to become a good and capable social media manager. Let us find out how?

# Always schedule your content in advance

# Add pictures, gallery, video, & text only posts

# Inspecting calendar, feed & grid

# Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter

Plan your posts

To become a good social media manager, your focus should be more on visual elements. The basic ingredients of social media include great captions, community management, and customer service. These are essential elements that your followers expect from you across different channels.

A skillful social media manager knows how to create quality content for various platforms. For example, a channel like Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags, and 2,200 characters and even Twitter has increased the number of characters for a tweet from earlier 140 to 280 for most users. Therefore, while planning your social media strategy, you can save a lot of time by knowing how each platform functions.

To write interesting and engaging content for social media, you require multiple skill-sets. You should possess the ability to write excellent captions with reactive call-to-action. Besides, you should also possess an excellent imagination, and avoid typos, because once your tweet has gone, you just can’t edit and fix it. Have you ever thought about what could possibly happen if one of your tweets goes viral with typos? That will be just terrible.