10 Hotspots to Have an Amazing Night In Toronto

Night In Toronto

When we talk of Canada, we cannot miss out on Toronto. And the moment we mention Toronto, you will get flashes of an eclectic lifestyle, especially when the sun goes down. The nightlife of Toronto is nothing less than a magnet for all the party monsters. If you plan to book flights to Canada, then look for YYZ deals to enjoy a visit to Toronto. 

1. Coda

Coda is one of the most happening places to enjoy the nightlife of Toronto. It will make you dance or party all night alone. The best part about this club is that the music is always new and the DJ is always bucked up with lots of energy which is undoubtedly contagious. Also, it is to notice that they do not accept credit card or debit cards for orders below 50$, so remember to carry some cash. The DJs of Coda are famous and praised for playing hypnotic music, which is not found in every bar or lounge as this is a popular hangout place, so ensure to book your passes in advance. 

2. The Drake Underground

It is a popular name when it comes to the best clubs and lounges in Toronto. The Drake Underground is a multi-level performance venue with a great sound system where many events associated with a movie screening, dance party, poetry slams, and stand-up comedy are organized. Especially on Monday, Drake Underground hosts a free food festival named Elvis Monday. When you search for YYZ deals, do checkout about this lounge once. 

3. Spin Toronto

Another off-route way of enjoying nightlife is going to Spin Toronto. It merges ping pong with the best music and a well-stocked bar to pair up with your fantastic time with the pals. This sports bar always welcomes its visitors with exceptional world-class service. You can organize small parties, get-togethers here. The Spin Toronto sports bar lets you get to indulge in the game of Ping-Pong while the staff keeps care of your drinks and food demands. If you are visiting on the weekend, then it is best to book your slots in advance. 

4. Union Nightclub

Uniun Nightclub is one of the most happening places when it comes to nightlife lounging. It will make you groove from top to bottom with an ultimate lineup of international Djs every night. Especially on weekends, you will witness a great ambiance and amazing DJ lineup. From lighting to staff service, everything is just next to perfect here. For boastful nighttime, Uniun Nightclub would be a perfect choice, and undoubtedly the lineup of the DJs is a big shoutout for this place.   

5. TIFF Bell Lightbox

TIFF Bell Lightbox is a cultural center which is also the headquarter of Toronto International Film Festival. Your nightlife in Toronto will be glammed up if you reach this place at the right time. It is a special place for filmmakers, movie lovers, and event planners. Many movie screenings, talks, and exhibitions are also organized at this venue. So if you are a movie enthusiast and planning to visit Toronto, then don’t just look for YYZ deals but also about TIFF Bell Lightbox and visit it. 

6. The Reservoir Lounge

If you are looking out for some phenomenal place to hang out, then Reservoir Lounge is the place to reach. It will let you witness celebrity appearances, band performances, and mind-boggling drinks and food menu. This place is home to a hot swing, incredible jazz music, and great ambiance. Every day a new band comes for their performance with different music altogether. The Reservoir Lounge is undoubtedly a treat for all the music and food lovers. 

7. Steam Whistle Brewery

Steam Whistle Brewery is a highlight in Toronto if you plan to have a blast on a weekend night. It is located at the base of CN Tower, which is also one of the city’s top attractions. This place has a great ambiance with amiable staff. The steam whistle brewery is a two-decade-old brewery and has earned the title of being one of Canada’s largest, loved, and independent breweries.

8. Bar Hop

Offering a brilliant range of beers, Bar Hop is a small yet incredible cozy bar to enjoy your night time with friends. Not only the drinks but also the food menu is very much expansive and great. The Bar Hop is open till 2 am and organizes many live music events for the guests. It has three branches, including St, West, Danforth Avenue, and Peter street. Every day there’s something special at each location and provides its visitors to enjoy to the fullest. 

9. Bar 244

It is also known as “casual, fun, affordable, and electrifying,” Bar 244 is amongst the best places to enjoy the crazy night lifestyle of Toronto. The bar serves drinks and food dishes at low prices but doesn’t compromise the ambiance and facility it provides. From foot-tapping music to a fantastic collection of drinks to great music all night to dance your heart out, Bar 244 ensures to break the monotony of boring night. One of the best deals provided by the bar is the cheap menu and free guest list. 

10. Nawlins

Whether you are planning to look at YYZ deals to visit Toronto tourist attractions or any other experience, you cannot miss out on Nawlins. It is one of the best night lounges in the whole of Toronto and is a gem, especially for jazz lovers. The jazz music coupled with mind-boggling food dishes makes your night on the top of the happiness meter. The special live music every day adds to the mood of all the visitors. If you are a jazz music fan, then Nawlins is the perfect place to enjoy your weekend night.   You can plan to book flights to Toronto with the MyTicketsToIndia websites, a popular and reliable air ticket booking platform. With plenty of YYZ deals and discounts on flight tickets, they ensure to provide the cheapest airfares. Whether you plan a solo trip or with your family, you will indeed find suitable and affordable flight packages on their website. So don’t forget to check out their website before making your flight bookings.