Which is better iPhone or Android

iPhone or Android

This discussion will go on for a while about who is better as everyday new technology is coming. Both iPhone and Android are trying to give users the box experience. There are things iPhone users will not understand, what is mobile services manager, which only android users will get to know. Both the android system have their own plus and minus points. Both of them have a huge fan base, it wall depends on which feature you are looking for in that phone and that looks appealing to you.

Let Us Judge The Phones On Following Points

  1. Easy of using 

It has been more than a decade since the launch of both the operating system, both have evolved a lot. Android phones give you a better usage feel of the home screen.  Apple phones on the other hand are not that handy and not so user-friendly. If you are a first-time user you are sure to get stuck, but that is not the case with android home users. Any new user can easily access and use the phone with ease and competency. Which is a clear winner for us

  1. Price and Finishing

Here the cleary winner would be iPhone as they are classy looking and extremely high priced for the base model also. On the other hand, if we take Samsung high-end phones they have mediocre look but the pricing is very pocket-friendly. In this part of the world, it is said that you will have to sell your kidney if you want to own Apple products, this sentence though not true but will show you the reality of how costly this phone is. But other things are that Samsung is providing all the similar features at a very reasonable rate and that is working very efficiently. 

  1. Open Vs Closed System

If you are an Android phone user and want to buy something from amazon you are free to buy it. Here the iPhone user will not find themselves unlucky as they cannot watch movies from the Google store, cannot buy anything from Amazon as they are out of luck. If someone is moving from Android to iPhone this feature would obviously hurt him a lot or he would dearly miss that feature.

  1. Google Assistant and Siri

Here the battle is won by miles by the google assistant even before the battle is started. Google has an amazing voice search interface while Siri is still pretty new in that segment. The benefits of having Google Assistant on your phone are many.

  1. Updates

This is one area where androids lack from apple phones. Here all the rights reserved with Apple if any such update is coming on their phone it would update all the iPhone users’ systems. If you have any update on the google play store then it is on manufacture if they want to the updated system.

  1. Cameras

If we talk about the camera then the iPhone is the clear winner or has an edge over the android  With Android phones you can take more good selfies because they good a wide range and the lens is also good. That iPhone has a very good finishing touch which makes the final product better finishing.

  1. Software Choice

The number of the app on google store is around 2.8 Million which is a very good number. But when someone compresses it to the Apple store which has 2.2 million stores.

  1. Battery Life

Speaking about android their battery backup is good and they do not require regular charging were as for iPhone charging has to be done on regular basis. But it all depends upon which device you are using. So there might be some variation depending on the model the person is using.

It all depends upon the choice you can make, it all depends on what is your liking and what kind of usage you are doing to do of it. 


This article would remove the confusion if any people have had about iPhone and android. It all boils down to the budget if you have a good amount then only think of buying the iPhone otherwise invest in android. The user interface on the iPhone is very tedious they can make it much easier keeping in mind the end-user.