What is AWS? Top Benefits of Using AWS

What is AWS-Amazon Web Services?

An Amazon Web service offers an extensive range of facilities to help businesses grow and scale-up. It allows one organization or business entity to pay only for the stuff they consume and desire particular services. From database storage to network working and delivering, it has many other functions. 

AWS is the leading cloud computing platform provided and launched by Amazon for its online retail activities. AWS offers many different tools for developers and enterprises with data centers around the globe. From government agencies to the private sector, anyone could benefit from AWS according to their needs. 


It has different cloud options for its wide cloud service. It has a prevalent communal of consumers and allies worldwide. It has the most secure cloud computing system for the environment available to the present. AWS understands each service is unique. Each client or customer has unique requirements for different services, so they charge accordingly, and one has to pay for only the particular service they wanted for their needs.

Core Components of AWS

It is not easy to cover all the AWS components, as it has so numerous components within it. But to name a few, which are more important, it is easy to understand its impact.

●    Database:

Based on different data types, it has many wide uses based on that specific type of data. No matter what kind of data one has, AWS makes sure it is protected and easily accessible and completely managed. It uses toolkits for protected documentations. From contented management to gaming leaderboards, everything could be safely locked in the AWS database system.

●    Storage:

Amazon has a simple storage service to build and regain data from anywhere. With the help of a storage system, data is easily transferred and secured, and retainable if needed shortly. To increase agility and for innovation, stored data is always a better option.

Management and Security: 

AWS offers the widest partner system for customers to outspread and enhances their management and governance system. AWS Management and Governance services are built to cope with vastly active cloud assets on a massive scale.

●    Application Services:

An application service on AWS is a set of services that allow communicating amongst decoupled modules within microservices, spread systems, and serverless applications. One does not need to change its architect to benefit from it, and this application takes care of it.

●    Analytics:

For data warehousing, data processing, which is huge and complex, data preparation, and visualizing for any such cases, AWS’s analytics take care of such cases and make a smooth process. It even has an AWS data lab for the same to take care of such activities.

Other than these main components, it has many other components which are in one way or the other way usable to many small to big firms, based on the nature of their business and its day-to-day activities. Other components are:

Developer Tools

Quantum Technologies



Media Services

Business Applications

End-user computing

Benefits of using AWS

There are many advantages of using different components of AWS, and it even helps its consumers and clients in a general way as it has the below-mentioned benefits.


AWS allows one to select an operating system based on one’s need for business. This flexibility helps one grow in building new solutions, which is their primary need. Everyone prefers flexible systems with no restrictions and easy availability. 

 Easy to use:

AWS lets its customers use newly built applications or existing applications with ease. It is globally expanded. One can access their data and information, and other activities related to their business, which they have corporate with AWS, is easily available in hand within seconds. 


As already stated, it only charges for specific services one needs from AWS, and after getting efficiency in the same, it cuts the cost with better results.


It is the most reliable platform and scalable, and everyone around the globe gets an advantage of it. When one has complete trust and is reliable on the software they use, it creates a smoother process for both parties. 

 High performance: 

With amazon’s massive infrastructure and its variety of services, it gives high performance and boosts up one’sone’s business. With lower cost and high performance, it is like giving minimum input and receiving the maximum output. 

 Data security: 

It has different security centers. It has an end-to-end secure approach system; for that, one never has to worry about its confidential data. If ever lost, it is easily available again with its backup data option and service.

 Global Leader:

As it has its network worldwide in almost 190 countries, it is beneficial to small firms and big corporations and governments and the military.


Its commitment to innovation with cost-effective prices attracts many customers and helps retain its existing customers.

 Provides Speed and Agility:

As one could access one’s secured data from AWS anywhere when needed using its application, it speeds up their business activity and consumes less time. It generates more agile business activity.

 Benefit in economies of scale:

One can save the cost by choosing to go with AWS rather than building the same on their own. AWS can help one achieve higher economies of scale.

 No cost on data centers:

One does not need to worry about their big complex data and its security, as with the help of AWS database, which is secure and safe in keeping data safe in its database. The cost of generating data centers on one’s own eliminates with the help of AWS.

To sum up, we can say that AWS has many applications and services used in day to day activity by small firms to big corporations. Its customers and clients are still associated with its flexibility and reliability, and easy to use technology with high performance and boost up business activity and scale-up economies of the safe and secure data management system, and database and data lab.

As it is widely spread worldwide, one can utilize its services from anywhere, and it is the most important thing about any organization as it is a global leader. AWS was and is still preferred by all kinds of business people, firms, organizations, and even governments. AWS has some major competitors in the market, but it always knows how to sustain its position while also benefiting its customers and partners. AWS Online Training will help you to explore your knowledge and become an expert in AWS Cloud Platform.