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Seven healthy foods you should eat daily

top healthy foods list

Eating healthy and clean is one of the hot debates around the world. We are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is all about being healthy. All the studies indicate that a person with healthy immunity can fight against the virus and will be getting better against the problem. People having lower immunity or any disease in the background have to face issues with their health when interacting with the virus.

Focusing on precautions, everyone wants to avoid viral contact and have better immunity. There is nothing but a healthy and clean diet that helps you to fight viral infections and make your self-defense stronger against viruses. Here is the top healthy foods list you need to add to your daily diet. It helps you to get better with the food options, give your body better support and immunity.


One of the necessary foods to add to our daily life is nuts. This naturally produced source of protein, fiber, and energy gives you a bundle of vitamins and nutrients that are essential for human body growth. Along with better growth, it helps in making bones strong, build muscles, and improves eyesight, and much more. Taking a handful of mixed nuts that includes peanuts, almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts, pine nuts, and much more is ideal. You can choose the combination of nuts according to your personal preferences and availability. Typically, almonds are the best option to have in every season.

Pulses and Grain

Another healthy food option that is commonly available is pulses and grains. Although these are time taking to cook but can turn into an amazing lunch or dinner at times. Pulses soups and curry is the common food option in Asian countries. Moreover, the sprouts can be a good snack with a little flavor of pepper and slat on the top.

On the other hand, make sure to consume whole grain bread and grains in your daily food intake. The whole grain contains more fiber, proteins, and vitamins in comparison to the processed wheat or grain option.

Green vegetables

Greens are great for health. These are not only enriching with iron but have several other nutrients that your body requires. It fills up energy and increases immunity as well. With a full of nutrients and vitamins in the body, it is possible to deal with viral infections and other damages to the body.

Adding vegetables to your meal is not too hard. It is about managing the portions of food in every meal. You can add greens like salad, snacks, sides, or main course as well. However, make sure you are taking them right. Cooking too much or eating raw can have different reactions to your body.  


We have a common saying about the apple that helps us to keep the doctors away. It is a fact when you are going to the healthy food list. Apple enriches with iron and many other vitamins in it. Taking it a day can help you to fulfill all your needs for iron and oxidants.

Citrus fruits

Vitamin C is necessary for skin, bone, infections, and much more. Citrus fruits are the best source of Vitamin C and fiber together. Experts recommend taking whole fruit instead of fresh juice as the fiber in there helps your body to absorb the sugar coming from fruits. Fresh juices are not harmful but give a quick sugar boost, and experts suggest not to take these juices in abundance. 


The meat of every type that includes white and red meat options is essential for the body. It makes your muscle grow well and strong. Even the broth coming from the meat helps you to make bones strong, recover from injuries, illness, and much more.


In the daily healthy diet, add proteins, vitamin B-2 and B12 with the help of eggs. These give you fuel to burn it out on the whole day. In case, you do not require many proteins and want to meltdown some fats then egg white is the key. It is the best fat burner coming from nature.