7 places to visit in Sindh Pakistan


Tourism in Pakistan is a rising industry. In 2010,  Pakistan was being termed as Lonely Planet but now it is tourism’s ‘next big thing’. Pakistan is geographically and ethnically diverse and has many historical and cultural heritage sites. The increase in tourism in the past few years has been assisted by the Government of Pakistan‘s current decision to end compulsory “No Objection Certificates” for foreign tourists facilitating them to visit certain parts of the country and opening up new economics doors for the country.

Pakistan is graded as The Best Holiday Destination for 2020 and was also declared the third-highest potential adventure destination in the world. As the security system in the country has improved tourism in Pakistan has increased.

In just a few years, tourism in Pakistan has increased to more than 300%. The reason for Pakistan being a tourist country is because of the numerous attractions points it has. The diverse culture, historical places, traditions, and beautiful valleys are all features behind Pakistan being an attractive any striking tourist spot.

The historical places such as Mohenjo-Daro, Harappa, Taxila, attracts archeologists from all over the world to visit the wonderful historic civilizations which once was a part of Pakistan. Other than that, the valleys of Pakistan have been able to draw tourists’ attraction for a long period of time. Not just the northern areas even the famous cities, provinces of Pakistan endure such attractions that tourists are left speechless. Like others, the Sindh province of Pakistan is also blessed with numerous sites to visit. Exploring Sindh leaves the tourist with excitement.

Tourism in Sindh:

If one lives in Sindh or are traveling to the province, the following is a list of the many attractive tourist spots in Sindh that this place consists of and these places enhance the tourism in Pakistan to the next level:

  1. Gorakh Hill:

It is situated on a rise of 5700 feet. It is one of the most beautiful, the coolest, and the most astonishing tourist spots in Sindh. Due to this rise, in winters the temperature drops below zero and during summers it’s usually below 20 °C. The magnificent view from the top of the hill station is something everyone needs to experience.

  1. Kot Diji Fort:
Kot Diji Khairpur Sindh

It is also known for Ahmadabad, the Kot Diji fort situated in the town of Kot Diji in Khairpur. It is one of the most important and beautiful cultural heritage of Sindh and was built between 1785 to 1795. It is symbolic of the Talpur dynasty. The pure scale on which it is built retells us of what the construction in the ancient times was talented. The solitary magnificence of the structure can leave anyone gasping.

  1. Mohenjo Dero:
Mohenjo Dero

Mohenjo Dero is something that we all have read about in our Pakistan Studies curriculum very thoroughly, but know very little about. It is located in Harappa and accurately translated as “the embankment of the dead”.It is one of the most fascinating mysteries and also pessimistically beautiful. Being there makes us feel like we are in another world. The complicated civilization and its structures and organization of the irrigation of the sewage systems are considered something beyond the level and ahead of their times. Even the culture has seemed to be more advanced than any other place at that time. The structure is now endangered by destruction due to improper preservation.

  1. Frere Hall:

It is an example of Architecture from the British colonial era that still exists. It is also among the few heritages that we have succeeded to maintain. Frere hall stances beautiful amongst the south part of Karachi with its brilliance. Visiting the hall is considered necessary while traveling to Karachi

  1. Keenjhar Lake

The second-largest freshwater lake in Pakistan, Keenjhar Lake is significant for many reasons. It symbols a shrine for the grave of the Sindhi Legend Noori Jam Tamachi which is a famous tale of the Prince Jam Tamachi who had an intimate relationship with a fisherwoman Noori. Keenjhar Lake is situated in Thatta and is one of the most momentous sources of drinking water for Thatta and Karachi!

  1. Faiz Mahal

Another grand remnant of the Talpur dynasty of Khairpur, the Faiz Mahal is an architectural masterpiece. The specifics on the walls of the palace are divinely done and are beautiful, suggesting at the mastery of the workers back in the day. There are now orchards where “Hathi khana” and sheds used to be.

Mazar e Quaid:

The final resting place of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is located in the middle of the city of Karachi. Its enormous, gigantic, and well-lit existence is one of the attractive tourist spots in Sindh for everyone. It is always crowded with people and is the perfect spot to observe the different kinds of Pakistanis. Mazare Quaid is one of the most visited and fascinated creations of architects.