Common mistakes you do with keyword optimization

keyword optimization

Keyword optimization is one of the integral tools for good SEO. To make your site works well, it is necessary to have the best keyword strategy. Many of the optimizers work harder to get the site rankings at its best. Finding workable keywords and using them on the page or off the page is one of the common practices. In all these practices, many of the optimizers make some common mistakes. In the heat of the moment, they make some silly decision that turns out to be a loss. Sometimes, the mistake does not have an apparent loss but not profit in the future as well. It is important to avoid the following common mistakes with keyword searching and optimization for good SEO.

Catching only the big fishes

The big keywords are the popular keywords used by the majority of sites out there. Picking up only those big fishes will make you lose on the other small fishes in the sea. It is not possible to optimize several webpages on a few major keywords. Logically it will not be able to work for most of the sites. The business will not be growing this way. There should be an equal volume of keywords for the sites that will help them to grow and capture a bigger market. However, using some of the small keywords will help you to make the most out of your keyword optimization.  

Picking only specific keywords

It is good to be remaining logical and relevant with your keyword search. Experts never recommend you to look for the irrelevant and illogical keywords for the optimization. However, at the same time, they recommend you to never be specific to them. There are numerous keyword combinations relevant to your niche and business type. If the other people around are using specific combination then you can try something new. It will increase your chances of getting a better response online. So, you need to focus on the keyword options with better search volumes. Such keywords have the potential to drive more business for your page. Aiming the generic keywords will fall you into a big pit. Instead, you can look for the niche keywords that are more general and gather you more visitors.  

Irrelevant keywords in your searches

One of the major problems with keyword optimization in practice is irrelevant keywords. Many of the optimizers think that using maximum keywords will get them more traffic. It is important to note that using irrelevant keywords will not do any good for you. It is better to stick to your niche, use only specific, and optimize keywords. However, using the logical keywords will result in you having a better impact and results for sure.  

Ignoring potential keywords

In keyword optimization, it is one of the common mistakes you do. Mostly the keyword search is related to the main page or important pages of the site. Focusing on the content of these pages, you look around for the keywords. By using these keywords on specific pages according to the existing site structure, you think it is done. On the other hand, you ignored some of the potential and powerful keywords. It is necessary to select the keywords from a better perspective. The customers may be looking for other relevant stuff that you do not have on your site. A little variation in the content will help you to get better traffic and results.

Placing keywords on the wrong page

Keyword optimization is not just about searching the right keywords with growth potential. It includes their placement as well. You need to place the keywords in the right places to make things work well. Keyword allocation plays a critical role in the whole procedure. Using the keywords on a page that does not have matching content will kill your keyword and content at the same time. Make sure to consider the page content and then optimize your keyword to the page accordingly. The search engine will follow the lead when you keep the content and keyword in proper sync. Else, you may end up with nothing but no traffic or response.  

Keywords with no traffic

Another major mistake that optimizers do all the time is not using the tools. Depending too much on your virtue will cause trouble for sure. A person can think about the keyword and traffic from one mind, but the keyword traffic measuring tools are different. The tools help you to know about the high traffic keywords that work. Many times your keyword optimization is not working because of low traffic keywords. Using such tools or support that helps you selecting the high responsive keywords is necessary. It will turn out in your benefit. Eventually, you will be able to get the most out of optimization and lead the right way to get results.  

Stuffing the keywords

All the SEO experts mention one bag SEO practice all the time and that is stuffing keywords. If you think that using too many keywords on a page or in the content will get you more traffic then you are wrong. It will not work for you will cause trouble. The search engine crawlers will not fall for the trick or you may get a penalty. The best practice is to use enough and logical keywords on-page and in content at the same time. It will save you from the embarrassment and work better for you. Remember, you cannot afford to have a penalty from the search engine at all. The penalties can result in your loss of the advertisement and monetization of your web page.   

Bottom line

Keyword optimization is one such practice that helps you to take a lead in website SEO. It is necessary to invest your energy and time in the best practices of keyword selection and optimization. However, avoiding these mistakes, you will be able to make the most out of your SEO strategy. It will help you to avoid any inconvenience with the website and meet the requirements of the latest SEO development.