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Why your 7-day healthy eating plan fails every time

healthy eating plan

We commonly hear about eating healthy, make healthy food choices, and lose fats, cut down your body fats, and whatnot. Seeing all these things, we consider that 80% of the world population is eating healthy and cutting fats from their body. Almost, every 4 out of 5 people in the world have tried any of the diet or meal plans to stay healthy and fit. Only 1% of these people able to succeed in their purpose. The majority fails to get the desired results because they are not able to make it to the end of the meal plan.

Commonly, meal plans start from the 7 days. The 7-day healthy eating plan seems to be a famous formula in weight loss through the diet industry. There is no doubt that it is an effective and worthy one that helps you to get the best results. However, there are reasons that keep you away from getting appropriate and desired results.

To ensure one reaches the ultimate results, it is necessary to identify the problems that lie behind. Once you have the idea about the shortcomings, it will be easier to meet the ends and proceed towards the right outcomes.

Cravings and feeling of hunger

Whenever we are in a restricted schedule, the first thing that hits on us is hunger and cravings. In the normal routine, we use to eat everything that we like and at any time. It is one of the major mistakes we do in our eating habits. Eating everything is not a bad option at all but the timings are not always right.

To ensure that you are eating properly it to gap between the meals but we are unable to do so. In the meal plans, all we need to do is to maintain a routine that will benefit in a long manner and keeps our eating cycle in range. Unfortunately, when this restriction comes on the way, we have to face issues without old habits and new restrictions. It is all about controlling yourself and restricting your body and mind from a specific act.

Social pressure

Another major reason that makes your quit the 7-days healthy eating plan is social pressure. We love to visit people and going to parties or gatherings. Being on diet never asked you to be restricted from your public meetings. However, a non-supportive public cycle can harm you all the way and brings you the major demotivation.

The constant bugging and asking you to have a little bit or making you realize that things are not even that bad on unhealthy for you are the common threats that come from society. There are groups out there who do not consider restarted eating at all. They consider to eat what you like to and then workout hard. However, the formula does not work on everyone. So, you need to battle with these pressures in order to reach your goal and complete the diet.


We are living in a world full of marketing and persuasion. It is not only in the commercials but also on our social media, public meetings, and every place we visit. There are more food brands around you than clothes. It is because the food industry is growing up with a huge margin and bringing more profit to the investors.

They use food to seduce you and increase your temptations for having something amazing in dinner when you are back from the office. When you hear and see many cuisines out there then it is hard to have a simple and healthy dinner at all. Eventually, you can fall into the trap and will lead to something you have been avoiding.

It is common but not something that you cannot control. All you need is to avoid such persuasions and keep your focus on what you are having. It is about filtration of the platforms you have joined and be the part of a community that thinks just like you. Eventually, you will be able to get better and avoid these persuasions.

Feeling miserable

Another reason that comes to you is the feeling miserable of not having some exclusive food benefits. We consider junk food, fatty food, and all the other things as an advantage. Without considering their damage, we are in addiction to these. In case, we are not able to have them we consider ourselves miserable and it is the biggest demotivation. You need to avoid this feeling of being miserable and stay satisfies with what you have.

Unrealistic plans

Most of the 7-days healthy eating plans are too unrealistic that a person cannot follow these. When a person is having so much of lively food in life, it is hard to turn the tables overnight. Things are complicated and even difficult. The unrealistic demands of such plans cost you much and became a demotivation for you at large. It is necessary to keep them realistic and start taking small steps.

Not designed for you exclusively

Commonly, the 7 days meal plans you follow are the generic plans that are designed for the ideal conditions. These are not designed for your exclusive needs and desires. Everyone has a different challenge in life and need to encounter that challenge as well. When you are making a plan and cutting your food, the body’s needs are not cutting down.

You have different kinds of food addictions, reactions, and needs. The plan needs to be designed exclusively for you. Only then, it can help you to be good with its adaptation and practical.

Unable to provide you enough energy

Many people quit meal plans because they are not able to get enough energy. For sure when you stop taking high-energy food option that gives you enough energy to consume and turning towards less energy food in small quantity, you will face issues. It is about managing energy levels and food intake accordingly. Only experts can help you with the energy management in the meal plan, so chose to go for an exclusive plan that will help you better.